IMCC5 Focus Group: Overcoming ethical challenges in marine conservation communication

Do you work with journalism, mass communications, marine conservation or media ethics? We are inviting you to join our Focus Group ‘Overcoming ethical challenges in marine conservation communication’ at 5th International Marine Conservation Congress this June in Malaysia.

Thoughts from Pathways 2017 conference, the future of human dimensions

It’s not my purpose here to inventory all the sessions and presentations I attended, but just a few notes are in order. And, of course, nothing preoccupies me during looking at a conservation intervention as much as the stake of the community who is being affected or expected to participate. So, I was mostly focused on that type of presentations and sessions.

Why should affiliative leadership be a priority in environmental organizations?

In August, we participated in a discussion about ‘Being a Self Aware and Adaptive Leader’ organized under an Exchange Program at Georgetown University. In our group, more than half a dozen people from different countries discussed our experience and opinion about leading teams under different circumstances in culturally diverse spaces. Facilitated by the famous DeidreContinue reading “Why should affiliative leadership be a priority in environmental organizations?”

Conservation in former colonies, how to stop dehumanizing people

Approaches to conservation are also built on the gross dehumanization of people who are suffering the most from ecological degradation. And oftentimes, the ‘best’ leverage to trigger conservation interventions turns out to be very costly for the people who are the least negative actors in the system.